Tank Styles

Tank Styles

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Spartan Tank is here to help you with the growing demand for DEF your customers are asking for. From DEF pump skids, to totes, combo Fuel/DEF tankwagons and trailers, we can provide the best solution for you.

Bucket Box

Our most sought-after tank truck model is a powerhouse of versatility and practicality. Boasting the latest in rugged engineering, it features an enclosed rear compartment to protect essential equipment like hoses and reels from any weather conditions that may arise.

Rear Canopy

The Spartan Tank Canopy Style is the ideal solution for fuel jobbers who frequently deliver to a fleet of vehicles. This versatile model boasts an expansive rear equipment canopy with multiple inverted hose reels and easy access meter box, making refueling fast and efficient.


The "Transport" is popular for those who prefer side delivery from passenger or driver side. Maximize your gallons on shorter platform allowing you to access tight places.


Featuring a unique inverted hose reel setup and integrated meter, our Bikini Style tank truck is the ideal solution for heating oil transport in Northeastern America. Its innovative design features an inventive rear head that won't hinder its efficient profile making it one of the a popular model on the market!

Distribution Trailer

Offered in 6000 and 6500 gallons, built exactly to your needs. Tank Wagon Trailers may be your best solution!